PSG Architecture

PSG SDK works by splitting the request/response pair from the heavy data traffic, by handling the first as simple POST/GET messages or and the latter as downloads/uploads, all done using standard HTTPS. This lifts the data transfer limit web apps usually have, so you can retrieve thousands of database records at a time, without a single timeout.

The PSG Application Server acts as a virtual network interface for the Services you develop. It forwards messages received from the client to the appropriate Service and sends its reply as raw data, back to the client.
The PSG Client behaves as a virtual network interface as well, receiving data from the Server and passing it to your Client App for parsing and displaying.

PSG SDK brings together development flexibility and super security into a package that runs seamlessly over the Internet

Built for Performance

PSG SDK enables your App to have incredible response times and instant action feedback for its users, using standard network infrastructure. Never have your performance depend on expensive network equipment again!

Super Secure

Send all your App’s data through HTTPS, with a DES 2048 encrypted key (PKI) and DES3 128 bit SSL connection. Use our proprietary connection mechanism and client verification system to make sure only your App can connect and use the PSG Server.

Efficient Development

Work with your favorite programming language and use our built-in tools to develop and deploy Apps up to 60% faster. Update your customers’ installed Client directly from the server automatically.

Built in User Manangement

Using the PSG Server’s included user management tools makes the job easier than ever... and more secure.

Your application can setup access rights on both user and group level for maximum control over data, without any over-the-top complicated programming from your side.

Powerful Reporting Engine

PSG SDK integrates a powerful reporting engine so you can feed your customer’s every need for extracting business intelligence from his database.

The Server's output is sent in various formats (Excel, XML and even HTML), so you can choose the one you're most comfortable with and display it any way you want.

Build your Services with any combination of
C#, VFP and Java.

Endless Possibilities

With its flexible architecture, PSG SDK allows you to build any SaaS solution your client can think of, with the added security that Web Apps lack. Take advantage of its powerful features to reduce your hardware needs and cut down on expensive third party software licenses.
Click on the examples on the right to see what possibilities PSG SDK opens up for you.

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  • File storage App
  • C# New Interface