Great Support

With built-in support for C#, Visual FoxPro and Java, PSG SDK allows you to have superior flexibility in choosing the tools that best suit your job. Even better, there's nothing to stop you from combining any of those languages, for unparalleled efficiency on each task.

REST Web Services

PSG SDK helps you get the most out of any infrastructure by means of it's smart and flexible REST architecture. You will never worry about deploying or administering expensive network equipment just to get your application up and running.

N-Tier Client-Server

PSG SDK is a platform that enables you to quickly build database driven business applications running over the Internet, securely. Support hundreds of concurrent users and massive data transfers, all from a single server!

What can you do with it?

PSG SDK can be used to create a wide variety of applications, regardless of their final purpose. However, it's strength lies in the ability to transfer large amounts of data without any complicated setup. Have a look below at some of the apps that have already been built with PSG SDK.

Agenda CRM

Top level CRM, designed to fit the needs encountered in pharma field work.


A BI application that builds reports from various data sources.


Designed for the HR department, HuGO is employee management simplified.


Document management application, meant to store, organize and protect important files.

How do I start?

First step would be to download the Server and Client SDKs, together with the other tools we have provided. All of them are neatly packed in a single zip file, called the PSG StarterPack, so just click the icon on the right to start.

After you have everything installed, we recommend reading our Getting Started guide here, to get aquainted with the details of our platform and start building your first app.

Don't forget to check out the Documentation section of the website, where you'll find the full SDK Reference together with a lot of other helpful material.

Download PSG SDK